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  • EZY Backpack Flag


    The Backpack Flag is a NEW product which is ideal for promoting at any event or high traffic area. This has a huge range of uses and with extra pockets on the sides for flyers and any other promotional items. The user physically wears the flag which is attached to a backpack providing a great deal of attention to the flag as it is most commonly moving.


    A wide variety of bases to mount flags is essential to enabling the flags to make an impact anywhere. This is why we offer a great range of mounting devices for any kind of flag banner system. From a Flat Steal base to a water base option, a wall bracket to a ground spike and even a tow bar mount, your flag can be mounted wherever you need to really make an impact


  • United Steel 2.2 Teardrop


    The EZY Teardrop Flag is one of the most popular flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.  its ability to move in the wind without flapping makes it ideal for events where wind could be an issue. These lightweight flags are easy to set up and come with base options to suit most requirements.

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  • EZY Feather Flag 2.5


    The EZY Feather Flag uses the same pole as the EZY Teardrop flag but stands a little taller, and offers the same features and base options.

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